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North Dakota Christmas Bird Counts

Anyone with your CBC date, meeting location and contact info let me know! (

NOTE: If a date is unknown, last known date will still show followed by the (season).

Count period is Dec 14 to Jan 5.

If anyone is planning on participating, please contact the compiler. Compilers need to plan the groups so no one duplicates within the circle, and to make sure the best areas are covered.

List of CBCs for North Dakota
(*** In Date Order thru season ***)

NORTH DAKOTA Christmas Count Info

* What is a CBC? * <- Click here for more info

Medora CBC

Date: Saturday, Dec 14th (2019)
Meet at Theodore Roosevelt NP Vistors Center (8:00am MST).
For more info contact TRNP in Medora:
Contact the park at:
(701) 623-4730, ext. 1417

Fargo-Moorhead CBC

Date: Saturday, Dec. 14th. (2019)
Those participating contact compiler:
Keith Corliss
West Fargo

Bismarck-Mandan CBC

Date: Sunday, Dec. 15th. (2019)
Meet at 7:45am CST at Hardees (just south of I-94 x Hwy 83).
Those participating contact:
Corey Ellingson
Bismarck, ND

Grand Forks - East Grand Forks

Date: Sunday, Dec. 15th. (2019)
Those participating contact compiler:
Dave Lambeth
Grand Forks, ND

TRNP - North Unit

Date: Sunday, Dec 15th (2019)
Meet at North Unit Vistors Center (9:00am CST).
Those participating call:
(701) 623-4466

Long Lake NWR

Date: Tuesday, Dec 17th (2019)
Meet at Long Lake NWR Headquarters at 8:00am. A lunch and drinks are provided.

Those participating please contact the Mike by Dec 12th:
Mike Rabenberg

Arrowwood NWR

Date: Tuesday, Dec 17th. (2019)
Meet at Arrowwood NWR headquarters at 8:00am

Those participating contact:
Paulette Scherr

Upper Souris NWR CBC

Date: Friday, Dec. 20th. (2019)
Meet at 7:45am CST at the Upper Souris NWR hdqtrs.
Those participating contact compiler:
Ron Martin
Sawyer, ND

Valley City CBC

Date: Friday, Dec. 20th. (2019)
Meet at the Fish Hatchery at 8:00a.m.
Those participating contact:
Terry Gwilliams
Valley City WMD

Garrison Dam CBC

Date: Saturday, Dec. 21st. (2019)
Meet at 7:45am CST at the Audubon NWR hdqtrs.
Those participating contact compiler:
Ron Martin
Minot, ND

Minot CBC

Date: Sunday, Dec 22nd. (2019)
Meet at 7:45am CST at McDonalds on Broadway, near downtown Minot.
Those interested contact compiler:
Ron Martin
Sawyer, ND

Denbigh Exp Forest

Date: Saturday, Dec 28th. (2019)
Meet at 7:45am in Towner at Cenex on Hwy 2
Those participating contact compiler:
Ron Martin
Sawyer, ND

Devils Lake CBC

Date: Saturday, Dec 28th (2019)
Meet at Cedar Inn at 7:30am to organize,
and again for lunch.

If you are interested contact:
Colleen Graue
Sullys Hill National Game Preserve
701-766-4272 ext. 428

Charlie Christianson
Grand Forks
C - (218) 779-3506


Date: Tuesday, Dec. 18th. (2018)
A lunch will be provided.
Meet at NPWRC at 7:45am

Please contact Larry beforehand if interested.
Larry Igl
Jamestown, ND

Lostwood NWR CBC

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 18th. (2018)
Meet at 8:00am CST at the Lostwood NWR hdqtrs.
Those interested contact the refuge:
Laurie Richardson
Lostwood NWR
(701) 848-2466 x17

Des Lacs NWR

Date: Wednesday, Dec 19th (2018)
Meet at Des Lacs NWR Headquarters at 8:00am, 1 mile west of Kenmare. A chili lunch and drinks will be provided at noon.

Those participating please contact:
Laurie Richardson
Lostwood NWR
(701) 848-2466 x17

J. Clark Salyer NWR

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 20th. (2017)
Meet at refuge headquarters at 8am.
Those participating contact for info:
Gary Eslinger
J. Clark Salyer NWR
701-768-2548 x 115

Icelandic State Park

Date: Thursday, Dec 15th. (2016)
Meet at Icelandic park headquarters at 7:30am.
Those interested contact the park office:
(701) 265-4561

Tewauken NWR CBC

Date: Monday, Dec 22nd. (2014)
Meeting at the headquarters at 10am
Those participating contact:
Kristine Askerooth
9754 - 143 1/2 Avenue SE
Cayuga ND, 58013-9764
(701) 724-3598 x 118