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Photo Gallery Uploads

"Photo Gallery Uploads" Guidelines:

  • It is best to upload an image larger than 250 pixels wide, Ideally 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768. This will result in the best trade-off of image quality and upload speed.
  • Your image will automatically be resized to 700 pixels wide and also a thumbnail will be created at 150 pixels wide. Aspect ratios will be maintained.
  • It is recommended you upload .jpg images instead of .gif or other formats. .gif files will work, but the background will be blackened out.
  • All images will be converted to .jpg format.
  • Please do not attempt to upload objectionable phrasing or images.
  • All uploaded text and pictures will go through a validation process, and we reserve the right not to post your submission.
  • We will verify whether the sighting qualifies as a rarity. If the image does not qualify as a rarity, but meets other guidelines, it will be posted in the ND Birding Gallery.
  • Club event photos can be uploaded, as well as actual bird images.
  • Postings should appear with 2-3 days from submission.
  • Please be patient while you see the file copy progress box, depending on your connection and image size; this process can take several minutes.
  • Uploading has been tested effectively with Microsoft IE 6.0 and Mozilla FireFox 9.2. If you connect with AOL, consider connecting and then using one of the above browsers.
  • If all else fails, please mail your image(s) to and we will upload them for you.

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